Business Investing

Investment Accounts for your business.

Choose any of our popular Certificate of Deposits to fit your investment needs, you can
invest from 182 days to 4 years. Contact any of our convenient locations for investment rates.

Golden Certificate of Deposit
Open a Golden Certificate of Deposit with $500 for a term of 14 months and
have the benefit of being able to add to your investment monthly.

10 Month Access CD
Earn a competitive rate of interest, while you maintain access to your funds. A $10,000 minimum Deposit will get you started on this unique account.  If needed, funds can be accessed in any amount over $1,000.

Certificates less than 1 year
Certificates with a term of less than 1 year, simple interest paid at maturity.
Minimum $500 investment.

Certificates One to Four Years
Certificates greater than 1 year, interest is compounded daily, paid in periodic
intervals at your option. Minimum $500 investment.