Identity Theft Prevention

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft affects over 11 million people every year – typically taking 165 hours to restore (ITRC), with $54 billion in losses (Javelin Strategy & Research). Identity theft is when someone, without your permission, uses any of your personal information (Credit Card, SSN, Address, etc..) to commit fraud or other crimes. Identity Theft is against the law and costs millions of Americans like you time and money every year. (www.deluxe


How does it happen?

  • Dumpster Diving – Searching through a potential victim’s trash.  It is that simple.  You throw away your credit card, bank or other statements with out destroying them.
  • Stolen Wallet – When a thief steals your purse or wallet, your identification, credit cards, checks, etc become compromised.
  • P2P file sharing – Sharing music or other files in a community setting where hackers can worm their way into your computer or forward files infected with viruses designed to steal the information.
  • Mail theft – The Identity Thief steals your mail before you receive it with the purpose of intercepting your information.  This can lead to a change of address being put in for you to their location.  See Change of Address Fraud
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