Retirement Accounts

Retirement Accounts
Today’s IRAs offer you many choices. If you’re wondering which IRA is right for you, we’d like to help you sort things out.

Traditional IRAs offer tax-deferred interest on contributions and inmost cases are tax deductable.

Roth IRAs are non-deductable but offer tax free earning when certain distribution requirements are met.
We can develop an IRA program to fit everyone’s needs.

  • Fixed Rate IRA: 182 Day to 4 year terms at competitive rates.
  • Variable: Our flexible deposit program allows you to make deposits to your IRA at your convenience; daily, weekly, monthly; whatever fits your needs. We can open your Variable Rate IRA for as little as $10.

Coverdell Education Savings Account
It’s never too soon to start saving for that college education. We offer a variety of convenient terms and conditions to fit your needs.


Fees on accounts may reduce earnings. Rates are subject to change at the banks discretion without notice.

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