Welcome to RiverHills Bank


RiverHills Bank, formerly New Richmond National Bank, has been serving people just like you and your family in Clermont County for over a century.

Investing in the lives of friends and neighbors and keeping your locally earned dollars actively at work in our communities, RiverHills Bank is proud to serve as your community bank. We are also active corporate citizens, working in a host of civic, charitable, educational and economic development efforts in the area.

At RiverHills Bank, we are proud to offer far more than just bank accounts, we offer a banking relationship, which you can rely on today and in the years ahead. Take a few moments today to browse our website and consider how we can help you build your financial future strong and secure. From daily money management accounts to loans and more, RiverHills Bank is your resource for a lifetime.

We open our doors each day with a commitment to providing the best in personal banking services. However, we think it’s important for you to know that we are recognized as one the strongest, most secure banks in the nation.

While browsing our website, should you have any questions, please feel free to email us at customerservice@RHB24.com or call us directly at 513-553-6700. And know when you decide to visit us in person, you’ll find friends and neighbors you know and trust at our locations in Milford, New Richmond, Felicity and Amelia.

Thank you for your interest in us. Be sure we are interested in you and we stand ready to offer our full range of financial services to you, through the use of competitive products and superior service delivered by a friendly, professional and dedicated staff.

RiverHills Bank – Your Community Bank Since 1904

Our Vision


We want to be a catalyst for our customer’s dreams to build, revitalize and sustain our communities.

We want to be dream makers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality financial services to all qualified members of our community through the use of competitive products, superior service and the latest technology; delivered by a friendly, professional and dedicated staff.

Our Core Values


It is a commitment to search for ways to improve our relationship with our customers, our community and with each other on a personal level.  It demands that we strive to treat everyone we meet with dignity and respect, while valuing the diversity of lifestyles, opinions and beliefs among us.  In short, we will try to develop lasting & meaningful relationships with everyone we interact with that goes beyond just transactions.


It is a commitment to seek ways to incrementally improve our organizational structure by creating a culture where everyone feels a part of creating the processes that we use.  It is also creating an environment in which there is great clarity in responsibilities and authorities in the implementation of those processes.  In short, this means that we will collaborate on decisions and cooperate in their implementation.

Personal Excellence

It is a commitment to set our individual effort, attitude and intention on improving ourselves, each other and our communities every single day. Personal Excellence is nothing more than each of us choosing to be the best we can be.  In short, we will do our best to reach our highest potential.


It is a commitment to be good stewards of the funds that our shareholders and depositors trust us with by generating a reasonable return and not taking undue risk.  This includes making good sound investments where we understand the risks and have worked to mitigated them when possible, while complying with all laws and regulations.  In short, we will protect our assets while generating a reasonable return.